Convert existing key to floating key

Convert existing key to floating key

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Purchase this if you would like to convert your existing LightBurn license key, which by default is system-locked, into a floating license key.   A floating license makes sense, if, for example, a school has a lab with 100 computers, but only a class of 30 would ever use LightBurn at a time, so they only need to pay for 30 seats.  

Enter your existing license key and purchase this item.  You will need an existing LightBurn license key for this.  Please do not enter a trial id.

This is NOT a renewal, your license's expiry date will stay the same.  The cost of this product is simply the administrative charge for us to handle your conversion to a floating key. 




Please note: Conversions are processed manually - This may take up to one business day for processing. You will receive a "your order is on the way" notification when we process the order.  Then you will need to re-enter the license key on each computer using the new licensing method as explained here:


In more detail: 

- Run LightBurn
- Go to Help > License Management
- Click "Deactivate"
- Re-run LightBurn and enter your license key again