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LightBurn Bridge Kit
LightBurn Bridge Kit

LightBurn Bridge Kit

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Note: This product has not been released yet.  We are still making small improvements to the system based on early tester feedback, and expect to have a hundred or so ready to sell by the end of September.


The LightBurn Bridge is a pre-configured Raspberry Pi that connects a Ruida controller to your WIFI network.  Simple to set up, fast, and robust, with transfer speeds equal or faster than USB.

Intended for Mac users to overcome issues with USB connectivity, but works equally well for Windows or Linux users.

The kit includes a Raspberry Pi 3B+ (or better), power supply, case, and SD card preloaded with the LightBurn Bridge software.  It is ready to go out of the box.


If you have your own Raspberry Pi 3, 3b, 3b+, or 4, you can download the disk image, free for personal use, here.  Instructions for setup and use can be found here.