LightBurn Educational and Volume Licensing

LightBurn offers special pricing for volume license purchases.  By default, a normal license key will come with 3 seats.

This is a (pretend) license key:  123456-7890AB-CDEF09-876543-210ACE 
It's a string of letters and numbers, and we send you this by email when you purchase.  You copy and paste it into the software, and that activates it, you can use it forever, and you'll receive updates for a year.  You can read more about how the license works here

"Seat" refers to each computer that will be running the software.  A license key allows multiple seats. When you buy a retail license key, it allows you to install LightBurn on 3 computers, and you can get additional seats past that at a reduced price.

Getting Started:

First, please use our unrestricted 30 day FREE trial to verify that LightBurn is compatible with your machine and that everything works well for you.  You can download the software here.

Once you're happy, there's 3 things to figure out to determine what key you'll need to get: 

Software Version:   

If you've got a a large, industrial type machine, you probably need the DSP Version of the software.  Our calculator below will focus on this version. 
You can confirm which version you need by reading this.

Number of Seats:

This means how many computers you need to be able to run the software at the same time.

License Type:

  • By default, our license is "system-locked":
    • This means that 1 license seat = 1 computer running the software. 
    • Of course, you can still remove old computers from your key using our license portal or by emailing support.  
    • Offline activation is possible if there are network restrictions or no internet access.
  • We also offer floating licenses:
    • An example use case would be if a school has a lab with 100 computers, but only a class of 30 would ever use LightBurn at a time, they only need to pay for 30 floating seats.
    • Floating licenses also require constant internet connectivity to stay alive. Given the restrictive nature of school networks and internet access, this can often be a challenge.
    • Our minimum for a floating license is 10 seats to cover the administrative overhead involved. 
    • Please note that you *MUST* install a floating key as described halfway down in this article:

Quote Calculator:

Seats Quantity: