LightBurn V07.01 - More node edit improvements, Perforation mode, and more

New things:

  • Perforation cut setting for, well, doing perforations. Anyone who's ever tried to do a low-power cut to make a fold line with a high-power laser will appreciate this. It can also be used to create tabs.
  • Pass-Through mode for images, forcing the output DPI to match the source image, for users with software like 1-Touch Photo that do their dithering outside of LightBurn.
  • A few more improvements to node editing, like automatic joining when you connect two shapes together.
  • "Store to default" and "recall from default" buttons for quickly copying cut settings.


  • Fixed bugs in "Select shapes on current layer" and "Select open shapes" if the shapes were deeply nested.
  • Fixed a few usability glitches when joining lines and curved paths together
  • Fixed a bug preventing the use of "Convert to Path" on multiple shapes at once
  • Show Laser Position now works in Inch mode
  • Grid Array settings now work in Inch mode
  • Preview window now remembers the traversal speed and other settings
  • Fixed a bug where the title bar wouldn't show the correct filename if it contained multiple '.' characters.

As always, download from the app, or from our download page.