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LightBurn Software

Renew your existing LightBurn License Key

Renew your existing LightBurn License Key

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Please note: Renewals are usually processed automatically, but if there's an issue it could take up to one business day for processing, and up to 24 hours after that for the software to pick up the change. You will receive an email confirmation when we process the order.


Want another year of updates and product improvements from LightBurn? Enter your existing license key and purchase this item to extend your license term and get access to all the cool new features. You will need an existing LightBurn license key for this. Please do not enter a Trial ID.

This will add a year of updates to your license key. If you renew before your license expires, you will receive an extra two months.

We will extend your existing license term, and you will not receive a new key.

As stated above, it can take up to 24 hours for your computer to contact our license server to see the renewal. If you do not want to wait, and you have received the "your order is on the way" email, you can force the server check by doing the following:

- Run LightBurn
- Go to Help > License Management
- Click "Deactivate"
- Re-run LightBurn and enter your license key again

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