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LightBurn Software - DSP License Key

LightBurn Software - DSP License Key

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This is a LightBurn software license key for users with DSP controllers. This key also supports all GCode-based devices.

It unlocks the trial version of the software for permanent use, and allows installing on up to three computers, PC, Mac, Or Linux. The key will be emailed to you (this may take up to 24 hours). You can read more about the license here.

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See the Download/Trial Page for software downloads.

The DSP version supports the following controllers:

  • Ruida (RDC6442G / S, RDC6445, RDC6332G, RDC6344S, RDLC-320, RDLC-220)
  • Trocen Anywells AWC 708c Lite and AWC 608
  • LightObject R5-DSP, X7-DSP, and LO-E5
  • TopWisdom TL-403CB, TL-410C, TL-A1
  • Smoothieware (GCode based)
  • Grbl / Grbl-LPC (GCode based)
  • Marlin (GCode based)

 Ruida and Trocen controllers can be found in the following machines:

  • Aeon Laser Mira series (Ruida)
  • Thunder Laser Nova series (Ruida)
  • Boss Laser LS (Ruida) & HP (Trocen) series
  • CamFive (Ruida)
  • Laguna Tools (Ruida)
  • OMTech (Ruida)
  • HPC (Ruida)
  • Lotus (Ruida)

(Note, if you have an Emblaser from Darkly Labs, please purchase your LightBurn license directly from them)

Please take advantage of our free trial and test with your hardware to be sure it works for you before you purchase. If you encounter any issues, please reach out to us through our contact page - we make every effort to fix problems as quickly as possible.

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