Moving Your License to a New Computer

Deactivating a computer that you still have access to:

If you want to move an install of LightBurn to a new computer, follow these simple steps:

- Run LightBurn on the current machine
- Go to Help => License Activation and Trial
- Click "Deactivate License" to remove the license from this machine
- LightBurn will automatically quit

- Run LightBurn on the new computer
- Enter the license key when prompted

That's it!

Deactivating a computer that you no longer have access to:

if you have a hard drive failure or cannot run LightBurn on the old machine for some reason, you can use the license portal to manage your activations.

Follow the instructions here:

If none of that is working for you, we can deactivate the old machine for you - contact us via email - with your license key and details about what you need taken care of.