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LightBurn Software - Add DSP support to existing license

LightBurn Software - Add DSP support to existing license

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If you started with a GCode or Galvo device and now want to use a DSP controller, this upgrade adds DSP devices to your license key. Once purchased, your LightBurn license will support DSP controllers in addition to the devices it already supported.

This does not renew your license, it simply adds DSP devices to the existing key.

If you do not already have a LightBurn license, and want to use it with a DSP laser, you will need a new DSP license.

Enter your existing license key - do not enter a Trial ID - we'll update your existing license to include DSP devices. If you already have a DSP license, but want to activate it on additional computers, click here

You will not receive a new key.

Note: You will receive an "order fulfilled" notification when we process the order, and LightBurn will take about 24 hours after that to sync with the server to see the change. If you need to use your DSP laser immediately, you can force the server update by doing the following:

- Run LightBurn
- Go to Help > License Management
- Click "Deactivate"
- Re-run LightBurn and enter your license key again

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