V0.5.09 posted - Delete Duplicates, Convert to Path, a hangup fix, and alignment tools

Two things we kept seeing this week: art imported with duplicate shapes, and a hang caused when they cancelled themselves out in the scanner.

  • We've added a "Delete Duplicates" action in the Edit menu. It will delete duplicates project wide if you don't have anything selected, or only act within your selection if you do. You don't need to ungroup things for it to work.
  • A hang, caused by duplicated vectors confusing the scanner, has been fixed
  • The arrange menu now has "Move to Center" and "Move to Corner" options - Ruida users will recognize these for sure.
  • Convert to Path will now break up shapes, like text, into distinct shapes.
  • The Voccell DLS (a rebranded Ruida RDLC220) has been added to the supported list of devices.
  • A progress bar now displays if saving a cut file is going to take a while
  • Better handling of AI files inside PDF files inside AI files. I wish I was kidding.

There are a few more things under the hood that have changed, but they're not quite ready to go live, so they'll be in the next update.

As always, download it here: https://lightburnsoftware.com/pages/trial-version-try-before-you-buy

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