V0.5.08 Posted - Check for Updates fixed, tested, verified

We really mean it this time.  The bug ended up being libraries that were not included on some Windows, so they're now packaged with LightBurn.

In addition:

- Fixed a crash when using a shape scan and image scan on the same cut layer
- Fixed importing of RGB colors from PDF-based AI files
- Fixed a potential crash in DXF ByLayer color handling
- Fixed an issue where some parts of certain SVGs positioned correctly
- Fixed a crash in path closing
- Added proper handling of higher degree DXF splines
- Added a DXF Auto-Close tolerance number in settings (not being used everywhere yet)
- Added partial Voccell controller support
- Added ability to disable Auto-Home on GCode devices
- Made scanning default to bottom-up on all machines, regardless of your origin (you can make it top down by setting the angle to 180)

 Grab it from the Downloads page

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