LightBurn version 0.5.02 posted - Launch day!

It's been a crazy couple days, and the response has been great so far. A few hiccups were encountered with the initial release, and hopefully those are all addressed in this update (which are now live on the Trial Downloads Page)

Ver 0.5.02 changes:
- Ruida device not showing up for trial fixed
- Better status messages for license / trial issues (like being online)
- Installer fix for 32-bit systems
- Internal offsetting to the point where no shapes remain was crashing
- Font changes are now "live" during selection in font list
- Crash fix when clicking "New File" with a text-edit in-progress
- Fixed a crash when closing "empty" text shapes
- DXF text / font handling improved (still a bit of a work in progress)

Thanks to everyone for the support!

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