LightBurn v0.8.01 - A relatively small release, and a new programmer!

This release cleans up a few loose ends from the 0.8.00 release - most notably, Emblaser devices were excluded from the trial, which was not intentional. We wanted to correct that omission quickly, which is why this release follows so soon after 0.8.00.

We're happy to announce that we've hired Michael Hackney to help out on the programming side - Michael brings with him many years of programming, 3D printing, and laser experience, and many of the new features in this release (and the last one) were his.

A notable recent addition of Michael's is the ability to import one LightBurn project into another. Note that when you import, only the vector data is imported, not cut settings - in this respect it is like any other imported format. This is intentional, as if two files used the same cut layers with different settings there's no "right answer", so we kept it consistent with other imports.

One other addition that's worth calling out: LightBurn now supports a packet-based USB driver for Ruida controllers on Windows and Mac. This is the driver used by RDWorks, so we're hoping that issues experienced by a small fraction of our Ruida users with USB connectivity and data corruption may be helped by using this new packet driver. To choose the packet driver, use the devices dialog and double-click your Ruida device, then choose "Packet/USB" as the connection type.

The complete list of the changes in this version:

  • Added Bitmap Replace / Refresh / Replace to fit features
  • Added packet based USB driver for Ruida connections (hopefully more robust, better compatibility)
  • Changed 'cursor nudge' settings to allow decimals
  • Added support for Ruida RDV6332G
  • Added command-line function to store license for "all users" of a machine (only works for online activation, contact us for details)
  • Jog distance adjust with modifier keys:
    • Ctrl + Jog buttons moves shorter
    • Shift + Jog buttons moves farther
    • Ctrl + Shift + Job moves farther still
  • Added Show Notes feature for project (under the File menu)
  • Now support M7 device setting for air assist in GRBL devices
  • Added Import support for LightBurn project files
  • Fixed setting name in Ruida (min accel appeared twice)
  • Fixed a raster scanner issue that caused stray lines in some files
  • Fixed an error in DXF parsing - empty shapes could cause the app to crash
  • DXF import now handles \P (paragraph) marker in MText objects
  • Pause now uses the appropriate command for Marlin to turn off the laser
  • Fixed a bug where Emblaser devices were excluded from the trial with the new license system
  • COM port now remembered for devices that do not auto-connect

As always, use the in-app Check for Updates feature, or download from our download page.

Thanks for supporting LightBurn!

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