LightBurn v0.6.09 - Node editing improvements, and a few bug fixes

We were going to wait for this one, as several updates were released over the weekend, but there are a couple of important fixes here, and an oft requested feature:

New node editing tools:

  • I to Insert a new node point along a line or spline
  • C to convert a smooth point to a sharp Corner
  • L to convert a smooth curve to a straight Line
  • S when over a line to convert a line to a Smooth curve
  • D to Delete a line (and break the shape) or delete a point (and keep the shape intact)
  • S when over a point to make it a Smooth point

- Fixed transparent images showing black, again (bad merge)
- Fixed an issue where perfectly symmetrical S-curves wouldn't subdivide correctly on output to machine
- Move to laser position now uses chosen reference corner
- Made the raster engine more tolerant of noisy vector art (fixed issue where duplicate nodes or overlaps could cause lines in the output)

As usual, use the in-app Check for Updates feature, or download from our download page.