LightBurn v0.6.07 - DXF join fixed for good, Linux version, position reference, and more

LightBurn v0.6.07 - DXF join fixed for good, Linux version, position reference, and more

We're happy to announce with this release that LightBurn now runs under Linux! This is very new for us, so please do let us know if you encounter issues. It was compiled and tested on Ubuntu 14, and runs well even with a relatively constrained system.

This release also includes a complete rewrite of the auto-join engine. DXFs are often exported piecemeal as lines, arcs, and curves, with no connectivity, and the expectation is that importing software will clean up the mess. We underestimated both the popularity of the format, and the degree of difficulty in doing this right, which meant our DXF import was a little underwhelming. This version includes a complete rewrite of the auto-join engine, used by both the DXF importer and the auto-join tool in LightBurn. The improvement is dramatic, and will hopefully put this to rest.

This version also includes some notable UI changes:

Size and position controls have been stacked to save space, and to add room for the 9-point reference control you see near the right. This control lets you choose the point that you position or size your selection from when using the numeric entry controls, and has been very common request from RDWorks users.

Other changes:

  • Rotary can now be set with either diameter or circumference
  • Fixed color mapping of non layer-based DXF colors
  • Fixed DXF block-insert handling with new color mapping
  • Fixed AI/PDF handling of stroke / fill color assignment
  • Fixed spacing in cut setting editor
  • SVG scale issue with Affinity output
  • Fixed a newly introduced bug where PNGs with transparency would load as all white
  • Added Marlin support for Laser Fire button
  • Text can be welded again with other shapes without having to "Convert to Path" first
  • Rubber-band frame now works in inches mode (GRBL / Smoothie)
  • Pass count for scans and Z-controls for scans
  • Added "Select open shapes" and "Select open shapes set to scan"
  • Images imported with incorrect DPI settings are corrected

As always, you can "Check for Updates" within LightBurn, or download from our downloads page.

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