LightBurn v0.6.04: Multi-line text, trace transparent images, and a few fixes

Multi-line text has been a very common request, and is now supported in LightBurn. In addition, transparent images are now imported with a white background, allowing them to work with the Trace Image feature, and a few annoying bugs have been fixed.

What's changed in v0.6.04:

  • Multi-line text support, with adjustable line spacing
  • Improved handling of transparent images - transparency is discarded, allowing trace to work
  • Fixed Ruida Pause / Resume
  • Fixed "your project has been modified" interaction with Corel export macro
  • Improved handling of inner / outer object sorting with open shapes
  • Added support for importing PDF files with a page content array of streams
  • Fixed a crash when hitting 'Select all' before leaving text entry mode
  • Fixed use of the 'move speed' value when in mm/min mode
  • Fixed a crash when importing an AI/PDF without a valid 'Pages' object
  • Improved handling of auto-join
  • Made DXF auto-join tolerance of zero bypass join behavior - some malformed files need this
  • Updated drag coordinates when moving shapes with keyboard

Get the latest version with the "Check for Updates" feature in the help menu, or download it here.

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