LightBurn v0.6.03: Embedded images, Library fixes, and DXF auto-join

LightBurn v0.6.03: Embedded images, Library fixes, and DXF auto-join

This is another "lots of little things" post, with a couple of new features included as well.

  • We recently made copy/paste work in numeric entry fields. In doing so, we broke the ability to paste text into text creation. That's fixed.
  • Several bugs with the Library are fixed:
    • It tracks when it's been modified, and prompts to save
    • It loads the last library you used when you start
    • There's a button to create a new library
  • DXF files are now properly auto-joined / connected when imported
  • A number of SVG export issues are fixed:
    • SVG export scale and orientation is fixed
    • Positions of exported rectangles is fixed
    • Tiny arcs would occasionally import as circles
    • 180 degree arcs in SVGs occasionally failed
  • Marlin support has been improved - we're not sure this is "done" yet, but a couple of users are reporting success with it.

In addition to these, we have a few new features too:

  • Text has an option to automatically weld it (on by default). This means script fonts will fuse correctly into a single continuous shape, but remain editable.
  • The grid / array feature now has an alternating row or column "shift" amount that can be used to pack things in a hex-grid style
  • SVGs will now import embedded images
  • LightBurn project files now store embedded images
  • We now have a "Show last laser position" button

As usual, use the in-app Check for Updates feature, or get it from our download page.

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