LightBurn v0.6.01 - Lots of bug fixes and minor tweaks, and SVG exporting and PLT import

This one is an interim release while we work on rotary support. The vectors resulting from the image trace feature were mistakenly set as an image.

Cut / Copy / Paste now work in text entry fields.

We added support for exporting SVGs and importing HPGL / PLT files, and fixed a few issues with file formats encountered by users, along with some other cleanup.

As usual, grab from our Download Page or use "Check for Updates" in the app.

The list:

  • Fixed image trace vectors being set to "image" cut
  • Fixed alignment of image trace on images with surrounding whitespace
  • Cut / Copy / Paste shortcuts no longer override text controls (you can now copy text fields properly)
  • Added PLT / HPGL support (limited command set, experimental)
  • Added SVG Export (excluding text, bitmaps)
  • Jog Speed control limits now scale according to mm/sec or mm/min pref
  • SVG rotation bug on importing certain files (London, Paris, etc examples)
  • Fixed Emblaser 1 device default finish locations to be upper-right
  • Fixed 'Modified' flag being incorrectly set on Project file open / save
  • Fixed auto-detect of nested shapes when using "Scan shapes individually" with Scan+Cut
  • Fixed reading of Jog Speed value when using mm/min units
  • Estimated cut time now includes multiple pass cuts
  • Fixed - Fast WhiteSpace was emitting duplicate GCodes in certain cases
  • Added support for PDF files with no table-of-contents that still contain a valid page entry
  • Adjusted button layout in Laser window
  • Lower default movement speed for GCode based lasers
  • Disable E2 Calibrate (and other options) if there is no device configured
  • Added an error message for AI files that are actually embedded EPS files (unsupported)


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