LightBurn v0.6.00 - new Trace Image feature!

We were going to wait on this for a little bit, but an important bug fix for one of our vendors was needed, and this was ready to go, so:

LightBurn now has a Trace Image feature!

We recently licensed the Potrace image tracing engine by Icosasoft (the same engine used by InkScape) and it's ready to go - take a look:

Images with transparency lose their outline, but we'll get that sorted shortly and it appears to be otherwise solid.

We felt the addition of image tracing has moved LightBurn a significant step closer to being "out of beta", so we've bumped up to v0.6.00.

Other changes:

  • Fixed a crash when bringing up the device settings with Emblaser 1 devices
  • Fixed small font spacing (text hinting offseting characters at small sizes)
  • Fixed a bug where GRBL wasn't reporting the Z height when using Get Position button
  • Increased allowable range of numeric scales to 9000%

As always, you can download it from our download page or use the "Check for Updates" feature in the app. Thank you for supporting LightBurn!


  • Hi, just bought your software and all good as far as I’ve got, I’ve just bought a new machine to run on Lightburn as I have an Apple iMac. Great computer but won’t install RD Works, why not I’m not sure, but I need to use the Rotery system asap, is there any way I can run this on my iMac. If not how soon will you have rotary system on your software program. Thanks in advance for any reply, kind regards Ray Massey.

    Ray Massey
  • I followed the Lightburn software from the beginning of the concept. It looked like it would be good. I downloaded the free trial and during the month, huge leaps were made and I bought a licence. The improvements keep coming thick and fast. It has to be one of the best £60 I have ever spent, and still 11 months of updates still to come! Thanks so much for your efforts and support guys. Lightburn rocks.

    Kevin Adamson

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