LightBurn v0.6.00 - new Trace Image feature!

LightBurn v0.6.00 - new Trace Image feature!

We were going to wait on this for a little bit, but an important bug fix for one of our vendors was needed, and this was ready to go, so:

LightBurn now has a Trace Image feature!

We recently licensed the Potrace image tracing engine by Icosasoft (the same engine used by InkScape) and it's ready to go - take a look:

Images with transparency lose their outline, but we'll get that sorted shortly and it appears to be otherwise solid.

We felt the addition of image tracing has moved LightBurn a significant step closer to being "out of beta", so we've bumped up to v0.6.00.

Other changes:

  • Fixed a crash when bringing up the device settings with Emblaser 1 devices
  • Fixed small font spacing (text hinting offseting characters at small sizes)
  • Fixed a bug where GRBL wasn't reporting the Z height when using Get Position button
  • Increased allowable range of numeric scales to 9000%

As always, you can download it from our download page or use the "Check for Updates" feature in the app. Thank you for supporting LightBurn!

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