LightBurn V0.5.14 : Material Library, Newsprint dither, and more!

One of the most requested features we've received is for a way to store and organize lots of cut presets, and have a way to quickly apply them. I'm happy to announce the addition of the Library in LightBurn.

This is entirely user-generated - You set up a cut layer however you like, select it, and click the "Create new from layer" button in the Library to add it. You set a material type, thickness (if appropriate), and a short description.

Any Library setting can be applied to a cut layer by selecting the library entry, selecting the cut layer, and clicking "Assign to Layer". Settings are copied, so if you need to make edits to the setting you won't hurt the copy in your library - you can edit those independently.

We welcome your feedback. We have ideas on how to make this better, and we'd be happy to hear yours too.

Other changes:

  • Newsprint dither for higher DPI settings / faster Smoothie performance / newspaper look
  • SVG scale issue fixed
  • SVG fill + stroke issue fixed (stroke is preferred over fill if both are present)
  • Added Z-offset for cutting into material, or defocusing
  • Added Basheng (Ruida), Gerbil and Due device profiles
  • Added default 'finish position' values for some devices
  • Added initial support for images with transparency
  • Added numeric Rotation input control
  • Fixed a small bug in ordered & newsprint dither - black/white are now true black/white
  • Added Quick Setup for Emblaser devices
  • Fixed a color import issue with AI/PDF if black was the first color used in the document
  • Added "move to" buttons to the tool bar
  • Added "Fire" button for diode users (needs to be enabled in device settings)

As always, the software can be installed from our download page, or the "Check for Updates" feature in the app itself.


  • DUDE!! Do you have any idea what you’ve done??? You just advanced Lightburn Lightyears ahead. This update is genius and I believe you have hit a home run! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I want to assure my fellow laser users that Lightburn is worth every penny, and this update is is the one that eliminated all doubt about price vs value. I am a user who don’t just grab anything just because I can, you won’t find better software for a Ruida controller elsewhere!

    Leonard Fibiger Lewis
  • Have the latest version, but when I add text I can only do one line at a time – there is no “new line” by hitting return so I can continue a paragraph or series of lines. Am I missing something?
    Thanks for any help.

    Warren Pierce

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