LightBurn V0.5.12 posted - Bug fixes, and a few new features

This is a relatively small release, but there are enough bug fixes and small improvements that we felt it was worth releasing while we continue working on larger items "behind the scenes".

  • Fixed the issue reported by some GRBL users where pause / unpause prematurely terminated a job
  • Fixed a Ruida Ethernet communications issue where lost packets weren't retried. Makes Ruida Ethernet jobs more robust, particularly over Wifi networks
  • Fixed a number of issues with Power Scale feature for Ruida controllers - works correctly on a Ruida 6442G, for both scans and cuts
  • Copy, Duplicate, and Grid / Radial Array weren't copying the power scale value - they are now
  • "Crossing" selections now properly ignore hidden objects
  • Fixed a bug in Close Path where identical vertices would not be joined

And a few new features:

  • You can now click-drag an object without having to click, then click again once it's selected to drag.
  • Added a Fast Whitespace Skip option in the Device Settings for slower GCode based systems (primarily for diode-based engravers)
  • Added a "View Drag" tool for users without a middle-mouse button, or users with touch-screens where using the space-bar was difficult
  • Changed the text cursor to an I-beam, and made it a more visible color

As always, you can download from our download page, or use the Check for Updates feature in the app.

Coming soon:

We've signed a deal with Icosasoft to include the Potrace bitmap tracing library in LightBurn - This is the same bitmap tracing engine used in InkScape, so before long you'll be able to convert bitmaps to vector outlines without an external application.

The cut library is close to "version 1" - It's functional, but still needs some cleanup. This window will allow you to save your cut settings into a library, organized by material type and thickness, and easily apply those settings to any cut layer in LightBurn.

Rotary support: the next most requested feature after the material library, so work will start on this feature as soon as the material library is complete.


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