LightBurn v0.5.10 posted - A few big things and lots of small ones

Has it really only been 3 weeks?

We've gotten a lot of great feedback from users, and have tried very hard to deal with the most popular or pressing ones first. Among the most common requests, the palette in LightBurn looked pretty, but made it hard to tell layers from one another, so that's been completely changed. Whatever settings you have will still be there, they'll just be different colors.

For people coming from RDWorks, Reverse Interval support was a common request, along with support for kerf offsetting, and both of those are included here too.

The big ones:

  • New palette to make it easier to see cut assignments
  • Added support for "Reverse Interval Offset", to compensate for line-shift when scanning at high speed (found in the new Device Settings)
  • Added kerf offset to cut settings
  • Mac rendering speed has been greatly improved, particularly on large displays
  • Added Z controls for GCode devices - disable, negate, or use relative moves only
  • Fixed a hang in the path planner when not using "Cut in Layer order"
And some smaller ones:
  • SVGs exported from Illustrator are now imported at the correct size
  • Fixed a bug that meant Preferences sometimes saved in the wrong folder
  • Fixed a bug when using 'Frame' with User Origin mode on GCode devices
  • Made connection to serial devices on Mac more robust
  • Added a 'Zoom to Page' button
  • Added a setting for character spacing in text
  • Added a 'Move to Laser Position' action in the Arrange menu
  • Added support for named colors in SVGs (common when exported from Corel)
  • Added ability to activate / deactivate offline for non-networked users
  • Added support for SVG polyline primitive
  • 'Set Finish Position' prompts if you are currently 'out of bounds'
  • Min / Max of current selection is displayed in the status bar

As always, the latest version can be found on our download page, or just use the "Check for Updates" feature in the app itself.


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