LightBurn v0.5.06 posted - Ruida USB, and much more

We have found and fixed the issues with Ruida USB communications. Enough testing has been done that we're comfortable releasing this as stable. Dozens of engraving and cutting jobs have been run, from both Mac and PC, without problems.

In addition, this version includes a rewrite of the scanning engine, eliminating the occasional stray lines that appeared, and from this version forward the "Check for Updates" feature in the help menu will work.

Lots of other small things are included, and Windows installers now come with a change log if you're interested in following the changes as new versions come out.

As always, the current version is available on our Trial Page

Here's a summary of what's in this one:

- Update check now works correctly
- Total rewrite of shape scanning engine to eliminate stray lines
- Imported DXF polylines with bulge now close correctly
- Ruida Cut-After-Scan, with cross-hatch fixed, angled and horiz/vert scans now work
- Cut/speed settings for Cut-after-scan now correctly applied
- Ruida scans at 90's properly use hardware overscan, even when Scan+Cut or cross-hatched
- Shift for axis snapping to 45's in line tool
- Project Save/No & default Yes/No dialogs now have Y/N hotkeys on Windows
- Fixed bugs in Frame command for Ruida devices
- Ctrl+Shift + arrow is now "tiny nudge" of 0.1mm
- Added Pwr/Spd to main cut settings display
- Fixed tab order in main window cut params

- Ruida USB working (tested on 6442G, 6442S)
- Added progress and status messages for Ruida comms
- Ruida comms in general now faster and more robust
- "Play" button hidden in Preview until implemented

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