LightBurn for Galvos - release date, pricing, and other details

LightBurn for Galvos - release date, pricing, and other details


If you've been anywhere near a laser group on the internet in the last 6 months, you've likely heard that LightBurn is working on a version for galvo lasers (commonly called fiber lasers).

We're close enough that we've decided on a release date: June 30th, 2022

On that day, you will be able to download LightBurn 1.2.00 from our download page. Anyone who has a current LightBurn license (purchased or renewed in the last year), or activates a new trial will be able to try the new galvo functionality at this time.

The product will be available for sale shortly thereafter: July 15th.  This will let you enjoy a couple of weeks of free use on us while we make any last minute tweaks and give our docs and support teams a little extra prep time.

Please note that if we find something horrible between now and then, this date could change, though we're pretty confident at this point.


If you are purchasing a brand new, galvo only license, the price will be $150.

If you are adding galvo devices to an existing LightBurn license, the price will be $90.  This will require that your update period has not yet expired - if it has, you will also need to renew your license ($30), or you will not be able to install the update.

There is not a separate galvo version of LightBurn - it's just galvo support added to the existing application, and it works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Supported hardware

At this time, only devices that are supported by EzCad2 or EzCad2 Lite software will work with LightBurn, and only those that connect to a computer over USB. Raycus, JPT, IPG, and Max Photonics fiber sources, as well as CO2 laser sources are supported.  (Max Photonics are JPT compatible)

We hope to add support for EzCad3-based devices as well, but we do not have a time frame for this.


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