LightBurn 1.6.03 Patch Release

This release contains a change to address confusion over a bug fix included in version 1.6.01, along with one additional small bug fix involving SHX fonts.

Version 1.6.01 corrected a bug with the "Load default layer settings on new or restart" option in the "Settings" window that caused layer settings not to revert to defaults unless a user had specifically saved custom defaults using the "Make Default" button in the "Cut Settings Editor" (see our documentation for more information).

The intended effect of enabling the "Load default..." setting has always been for LightBurn's universal default settings to load if a user has not manually set their own defaults, but correcting this bug caught many users who had grown used to the incorrect behavior off guard, and we apologize for causing confusion.

All users who update an existing installation of LightBurn 1.6.00 or earlier to version 1.6.03 or later will have the "Load default..." setting automatically disabled. If you choose to re-enable it, be aware that the intended behavior of loading LightBurn's universal defaults, or any defaults you have manually set, will be in effect.

Going forward, the "Load default..." setting will automatically be enabled on all new installations of LightBurn, but can be manually disabled in the "Settings" window.

Download version 1.6.03 here.
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