LightBurn 1.5 : New guides and snapping features, continuous framing, faster auto-save, and more

LightBurn 1.5 : New guides and snapping features, continuous framing, faster auto-save, and more

Automatic Guide Lines

I'm excited about this one. Holding the Alt key while dragging a shape or a scale handle will display temporary guide lines and let you snap to other shape sides or centers.

Draggable Guide Lines

We've also added guide lines that can be dragged out from the rulers on the top and left sides of the main editing window. These lines are just standard line shapes, created with the T1 tool layer. Hover near the edge of edit window until you see the cursor change shape, click, and drag.

Console history for GCode machines

You can now press the up/down arrows to cycle through previous commands used in the console window.

Taper Warp tool for rotary engraving

Our new Taper Warp tool can automatically correct the distortion of your design when engraving onto tapered objects. Just enter the top & bottom diameters of your cup, and the overall length.

Improved Corner Rounding tool

The corner rounding tool now supports complex geometry. It will now work on curves as well as corners with multiple nodes.

Other notable additions

  • GCode and DSP devices can now be set to use continuous framing.  LightBurn will repeat the framing process until stopped.
  • Material libraries can now be merged
  • LightBurn now caches compressed versions of images, so auto-save is much faster
  • Framing now works on rotaries for galvo lasers
  • We've added 'Global Passes' for galvo lasers - repeat all sub-layers in order multiple times
  • The Material Test now has a border option (to cut it out), and both text and the border can be disabled if desired
  • Support for automatic Z axis focus setting on OMTech Polar machines (enable in Edit > Device Settings)

There are more additions and lots of bug fixes, all listed below. Download from our Trial / Download page, or use the Check for Updates feature in the LightBurn Help menu.

As always, thank you for supporting LightBurn!


All machines:

  • Added automatic guide lines (hold Alt while dragging selection)
  • Added draggable guide lines
  • Enhanced automatic guide lines to work when drag-scaling, and shape creation (ellipse, rect, polygon, Qr, text)
  • Added Taper Warp to Laser Tools menu
  • Corner Rounding tool now supports complex shapes and curves
  • Continuous framing support for GCode and DSP systems
  • Material Library merge function
  • Added caching of compressed image file sources, so re-saving (and auto-save) takes less time.
  • Added 'Apply' button to Slot Resizer - allows it to stay open, be run again with different options
  • Added border setting to material test
  • Added "Design Only" device type and option to create one automatically on first launch
  • Added 'Squeeze Text' property to allow max-width to scale the whole string, or just the width
  • Added draggable rectangle corner radius dot
  • Added support for transparency masks on PDF images
  • Added support for palettized CMYK images in PDF importer
  • Added 'Select Results' to Circular and Grid arrays
  • Added option to trace transparency channel if an image has one
  • Added in-application trial extension
  • Added home keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H to home the Laser
  • Updated the circular array dialog to be modeless, like the grid array dialog
  • If a selection contains exactly one locked shape, align / size to that one instead when using align / make same width/height
  • Added missing 'standalone' tag to SVG file header (improves compatibility)
  • Clicking labels next to Width, Height, or % controls will select the whole number, instead of having to triple-click in the box

GCode lasers:

  • Added console command history with up/down key browsing
  • Added 'Fire Power' value to Device Settings, next to the enable toggle for it
  • Added thumbnail output for SnapMaker machines
  • Enable inline power mode for SnapMaker (available with recent firmware update to some machines)
  • Fixed rotary B axis outputting A instead, on SnapMaker

DSP lasers:

  • Added support for OMTech Polar Z axis handling (in Edit > Device Settings, enable Z, enable Polar, enable Optimize Z moves)
Galvo lasers:
  • Added 'Global Passes' for galvos - runs all sub-layers in order multiple times
  • Added framing for galvo rotary - Frames in sections as it will appear on the rotary
  • Improved galvo handling of 'Rewind' on repeat marking, added 'Set zero' to repeat mark and rotary windows
  • Added 'Show' button to display galvo rotary output center
  • Added 'Frame' and 'Stop' triggers for galvos

Bug fixes:

  • Bugfix: Correctly deal with virtual arrays when deleting all shapes in layer
  • Bugfix: Prevent erroneous warning manual tab warning when changing to tool layer
  • Bugfix: Prevent crash when loading file with corrupt cut setting
  • Bugfix: Prevent accidental export of internal only cut settings
  • Bugfix: Allow grouping results of radial array
  • Bugfix: Zooming while drag-scaling would cause the scaling to get weird
  • Bugfix: Y2038 bug in licence handler fixed and expiry extended to fully cover final day
  • BugFix: Finish position now respects configured units
  • Bugfix: Measure tool mm/in button showed incorrect units if starting in inches
  • Bugfix: Improved text style code removal in DXF text import


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