LightBurn 1.5.02 patch release

We have pushed a new patch for the 1.5 release to address a few bugs. See the downloads page to grab this release.


Here’s the full list of changes for the 1.5.02 patch (since the 1.5.00 release):

  • Bugfix: Handle different image paddings in PDF files
  • Bugfix: new SPLINE parser would crash when trying to close degenerate splines (single node)
  • Bugfix: HSpace wasn’t being included in new font advance code
  • Bugfix: Cached images could load in incorrect orientation

For anyone currently having issues with the camera overlay in the transition from 1.4 to 1.5, please know that we are aware of the issue and hope to have a new patch for it shortly. But we are still working to reproduce the issue locally so that we can debug it.

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