LightBurn 1.4.05 - Patch release / bug fixes

If you've installed the 1.4.00 release, this update fixes a handful of bugs. No major feature updates or changes.

One of the biggest fixes here is for a crash that often happened after or during long sessions of node editing, often using break apart, or deleting nodes.  If you have experienced this, we strongly recommend this update.  We have also "back dated" this update, so anyone who was able to use 1.4.01 to 1.4.04 will also be able to install this one.

Here's a list of what's changed:


  • Bugfix: edge case bug causing straight lines or missed lines when importing DXF spline objects

From 1.4.04

  • More decimals for material test interval when in Inches
  • SVG import automatically converts completely straight curves to lines, and removes duplicate verts
  • Resize Slots tool now highlights lines (green), curves (pink), and shape breaks (red circles) to help spot malformed art
  • Optimize Shapes tool now displays input and output line/curve counters
  • Added detection of G-Weike Cloud laser, handles Z correctly now (auto sets proper Z height based on material thickness)
  • Copy along path function now uses nearest point on path as starting point
  • Holding Shift will now axis snap measure tool when dragging measure line 
  • Bugfix: Major improvements to importing of DXF SPLINE objects
  • Bugfix: bad / empty entries in Art Library could cause crash when using search
  • Bugfix: Don't alter control handles when extending an existing line with the line tool
  • Bugfix: Don't allow grayscale when passthrough is enabled on galvo
  • Bugfix: Close Shapes With Tolerance window displayed incorrect counts
  • Bugfix: Close Shapes altered selection
  • Bugfix: Don't show cropped image when using Trace Image
  • Bugfix: Allow cancel while generating 3DSlice data
  • Bugfix: extremely small vertex bulge values could confuse the DXF importer
  • Bugfix: don't write rotary settings to controller if reading them wasn't successful (Ruida '360 steps' bug)
  • Bugfix: Grid Array 'variable increment' value wasn't always updated properly
  • Bugfix: Slot resizer would update scaled rectangles incorrectly
  • Bugfix: SVG style definition parser didn't handle empty space correctly
  • Bugfix: SVG parser could crash when using grouped switch/symbols that weren't used
  • Bugfix: DXF import could crash if an unnamed block contained inserts for unfound shapes
  • Bugfix: Fixed serial disconnect issue ("port already in use?" bug)
  • Bugfix: After changing the Min/Max frequency for galvo, the main window wouldn't allow the new range
  • Bugfix: Disallow managing cut setting defaults when in material test generator
  • Bugfix: Handle huge steps per rotation values in rotary for galvos
  • Bugfix: Text blocks in AI files could confuse the parser


  • Fixed a bad command that caused an 'Extend Space' error on Ruida under certain conditions if Z moves were enabled


  • Art Library search function
  • Added thumbnails for Thunder 1Gb controller
  • Bugfix: groups with LOTS of objects took too long to load
  • Bugfix: Snapmaker rotary outptu now correctly maps to B axis
  • Bugfix: Lead in/out now allowed when tabs enabled
  • Bugfix: Adjust Image tool now keeps images in sync, even with odd orientations
  • Bugfix: Fire Button setting didn't work when the Move window was hidden
  • Bugfix: DXF MTEXT vertical alignment was sometimes incorrect
  • Bugfix: fiber out-of-bounds images masked by 'unframed' tool layers were being output
  • Bugfix: Deleting a node that connected to itself could crash node edit
  • Bugfix: Dragging a node that connected to itself could crash node edit
  • Increased precision of Boolean operations (was 1/125th of a mm, now 1/4096th of a mm)
  • Bugfix: Ctrl+Shift didn't de-select shapes
  • Bugfix: Ruida Z-step per pass could fail to set scanning speed if not filling whole layer at once
  • Bugfix: Convert Move Window target location for 'Go' button to new units when switching
  • Bugfix: Rotary setup screen would reset "run whole shapes" settings back to default
  • Allow galvo frequency setting as low as 10hz
  • Added 'Test' button for Repeat Marking axis setup
  • Faster screen refresh when drawing lots of very small shapes
  • Shape Optimizer will now remove Beziers that are basically linear
  • Bugfix: weird error in PDF decompression code caused some files to not import properly or even crash
  • Bugfix: IP address selection would not show in new device setup
  • Bugfix: Door Protect on galvo could not be un-paused when triggered
  • Bugfix: UV pulse now allowed as low as 0.05ns (controller limit)
  • Bugfix: 'Increment by' for variable text in radial array wasn't being picked up when changed
  • Bugfix: Nasty crash in break / break apart / convert to path interaction, often triggered when node editing
  • Bugfix: Exported SVG shapes are now sorted into layer order
  • Improved accuracy of galvo scanline output - produces more consistent engraving without line artifacts


  • Bugfix: Don't auto-connect lines to existing shapes if on different layers
  • Bugfix: Slot resizer bug fixes for rectangular slots
  • Bugfix: Fixed docking with perpendicular lines
  • Bugfix: Offset Fill didn't respect power scale
  • Bugfix: reload hotkey map on language Change
  • Bugfix: support SVG 'dominant-baseline' tag on text
  • Bugfix: DXF line patterns that are extremely short should be ignored
  • Bugfix: Done Marking signal pulse wasn't always turned off
  • Bugfix: UV Pulse length now shown as uS, clamps correctly based on freq limits
  • Added new 1Gb Thunder laser controller support
  • Bugfix: Cut/Copy/Paste behavior in edit boxes now working on MacOS
  • Bugfix: PDF inline JPG images didn't load correctly
  • Bugfix: measure tool reported incorrect arc lengths for grouped / scaled shapes
  • Bugfix: Ruida start/end delays didn't work if longer than 17 seconds
  • Bugfix: Don't re-join broken nodes if the user simply clicks to select, but doesn't move
  • Added support for Ruida controller stored scanning offsets
  • Bugfix: Galvo timing overrides were not being shown correctly on sub-layers
  • Bugfix: Added support for true RGB colors in DXF layers
  • Added support for Large Canvas scale in AI files
  • Bugfix: Slot resizer was resizing some 4-point rect shapes in the wrong direction
  • Bugfix: Headcam on DSPs wasn't polling controller connection properly
  • Bugfix: head camera math was a little off, could trigger limit switches
  • Bugfix: Rotary was still using A axis when B selected
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