LightBurn 1.4.01 - Patch release / bug fixes

If you've installed the 1.4.00 release, this update fixes a handful of bugs. No major feature updates or changes.  Here's a list of what's changed:

- Bugfix: Don't auto-connect lines to existing shapes if on different layers
- Bugfix: Slot resizer bug fixes for rectangular slots
- Bugfix: Fixed docking with perpendicular lines
- Bugfix: Offset Fill didn't respect power scale
- Bugfix: reload hotkey map on language Change
- Bugfix: support SVG 'dominant-baseline' tag on text
- Bugfix: DXF line patterns that are extremely short should be ignored
- Bugfix: Done Marking signal pulse wasn't always turned off
- Bugfix: UV Pulse length now shown as uS, clamps correctly based on freq limits
- Added new 1Gb Thunder laser controller support
- Bugfix: Cut/Copy/Paste behavior in edit boxes now working on MacOS
- Bugfix: PDF inline JPG images didn't load correctly
- Bugfix: measure tool reported incorrect arc lengths for grouped / scaled shapes
- Bugfix: Ruida start/end delays didn't work if longer than 17 seconds
- Bugfix: Don't re-join broken nodes if the user simply clicks to select, but doesn't move
- Added support for Ruida controller stored scanning offsets
- Bugfix: Galvo timing overrides were not being shown correctly on sub-layers
- Bugfix: Added support for true RGB colors in DXF layers
- Added support for Large Canvas scale in AI files
- Bugfix: Slot resizer was resizing some 4-point rect shapes in the wrong direction
- Bugfix: Headcam on DSPs wasn't polling controller connection properly
- Bugfix: head camera math was a little off, could trigger limit switches
- Bugfix: Rotary was still using A axis when B selected

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