LightBurn 1.3.01 - patch release for a few small issues

If you've installed the 1.3.00 release, this patch fixes a few small issues.  No major changes were made to this patch.

  • Updated slot resizer to handle rectangle slots, differentiate between slot depth and width, other minor fixes and improvements
  • Bugfix: frame speed was not restored correctly
  • Bugfix: laser position display wasn't updated properly
  • Bugfix: importing bent text from art library could flip incorrectly
  • Bugfix: remove overlapping lines could miss small lines fully covered by larger ones in some cases
  • Bugifx: galvo driver did not install correctly

The following small additions were made:

  • Added 'Select shapes smaller than selection'
  • Show sub-layer tabs in 'Quick Cut' window in red if disabled
  • Added support for ComMarker B4 and similar 'Dynamic' FPGA based boards
  • First pass of support for SPI galvo sources


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