LightBurn 1.2.02 to 1.2.04 - patch updates with lots of fixes and a few additions

This release is mostly to address bugs and minor issues, but we've added a few improvements as well.  If you are running 1.2.00 to 1.2.03 we highly recommend you install the 1.2.04 version.


  • CutBuilder now forces shapes to run in generated order if no optimizations are enabled
  • Bugfix: Tool layers could cause later multi-layer cuts to run out of order
  • Bugfix: Restored missing German language file
  • Bugfix: Ruida cut-through delays would affect later layers (RDWorks does this too)
  • Bugfix: image merging (whole layer or by group) was broken
  • Bugfix: Close Path could hang
  • Bugfix: Fixed framing of tool layers / disabled output layers
  • Bugfix: Warning pop-up in Cut Builder didn't let you continue because of the progress bar being "on top" of it
  • Bugfix: If a small shape set to Offset Fill didn't generate anything, it could crash


Bugfix: Identified a missing startup command for Raycus and IPG fiber devices that would result in lower power output.




  • Auto-join works better - will join more things, and do it faster.
  • Close Shapes now works if anything in the selection can be closed - previously everything selected had to be "closeable"
  • 'Start From' & user grid settings now saved per laser
  • Fillet tool now accepts negative radius numbers
  • Improved grayscale output for galvo / fiber (removed unintended pauses)
  • Updated DXF importer to support dash patterns on LINE objects
  • Added "laser busy" status output for galvos
  • Added support for 'Clustered' GCode to GRBL devices (Ortur and Tim Rothman firmware updates will be supporting this)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed WIFI sending to Ortur LM3 and others using Telnet protocol
  • MUCH better filtering of 'Start Marking' trigger for galvos
  • Framing with virtual arrays and disabled layers now works
  • Galvo framing wasn't properly ignoring out-of-bounds shapes in non-rotary mode
  • Cut Shapes could put inner / outer shapes in wrong result
  • Ensure all settings get saved before adding new sub-layer
  • Crash when using 'offset fill' with material test generator
  • Nested ()'s in text strings could crash PDF import
  • Flatten array was not deleting the virtual array
  • Galvo was not respecting Min Power for grayscale image mode
  • Grouped shapes now retain selection order in the group (useful for ordering images)
  • Cut builder / optimizer rewritten to correctly handle inner/outer sorting with multi-layer cuts, or when Order by Layer is not used
  • Shape close / join code is now much more robust
  • Trocen Ethernet connection wasn't respecting Network Timeout setting
  • Don't show certain options in galvo cut settings when Beginner Mode is enabled
  • Cluster generator fixes for stray lines
  • Don't re-write material height field if user is still typing it
  • Fixed .AI import issue (freeze when files contained large blocks of null data)
  • Variable text was not rendered correctly when inside a group in a virtual array
  • Variable text works properly now in galvo rotary mode
  • Material test generator was not working with linked cut settings
  • Added scanning offsets to new Flood Fill code


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