LightBurn 1.2.01 - Patch update for a few issues

This update is almost entirely fixes for issues found in the 1.2.00 release, but includes a few small additions based on user feedback.  If you are currently using 1.2.00 you should install this update.

The additions:

  • Allow drag/drop reorder of devices list.
  • Allow device list order by name and device type
  • Added option to assign library setting to layer without linking
  • Tweak to Linked material display (Fill/Line/etc drop down is locked)
  • Added input port display to galvo device settings screen
  • Galvo rotary output now has an 'Output Center' value that can be edited
  • Added ability to drag/drop .lbdev files into window to import them
  • Added support for webp image format
  • Added Kerf offset for galvos

The fixes:

  • Bugfix: JPT laser sources now configure correctly
  • Bugfix: Saving an RD file when not connected, and set to UDP, would use the wrong scramble key
  • Bugfix: Ruida display showed placeholder layers when sending a single layer from the middle of the layer list
  • Bugfix: losing changes when changing quick settings tabs
  • Bugfix: Use correct units for cor file import
  • BugFix: Node Edit 'E'xtend didn't always work if prims were out of normal order
  • BugFix: Tabs from old files were loading disabled
  • BugFix: Tabs checkbox still looked usable when disabled
  • Bugfix: DXF files containing shapes with negative extrusion values could load incorrectly
  • Bugfix: blanking of red-dot pointer caused weird framing on some systems. Now optional, has its own delay values.
  • Bugfix: DXF MTEXT importer now handles line spacing adjustment value
  • Bugfix: Ruida didn't properly set speed when using sub-layer line after a fill
  • Bugfix: Copying text using a backup path now works as expected
  • Bugfix: close any open 'floating windows' (Grid array, etc) if the user closes the app
  • Bugfix: linked materials set to 'Fill shapes individually' could fill incorrectly
  • Bugfix: angle-increment with cross-hatch didn't rotate the 2nd hatch pass (galvo)
  • Bugfix: Converting a virtual array to bitmap and then undoing was causing a crash
  • Bugfix: Automatically unlink layer when deleting the source library entry
  • Bugfix: Preserve shape order from original file if optimizations are disabled
  • Bugfix: Fix virtual array flip with row/column shift
  • Bugfix: DXF arc entities were offset when using negative extrusion values
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