LightBurn 1.1.01 to 1.1.04 - Patch releases to address issues with 1.1.00

This is a small release to correct a few issues that got through.  The following changes were made:

The 1.1.01 patch:

  • GCode users can now stop when framing again
  • Added a user switch to enable laser when framing (in device settings)
  • Bugfix: Line mode will now start on an existing line point, snap to the end of a loop
  • Tuned snapping weights, increased range of "hold Alt to snap more"
  • Fixed a small issue with 'interactive' text welding (this was a display-only issue)
  • Bugfix: holding Shift to axis align line drawing works again
  • Bugfix: extreme numbers of tabs could cause a slowdown and potential crash
  • Bugfix: undoing changes to manual tabs was unreliable
  • Bugfix: Added the "Modes" menu item back to Windows menu
  • Bugfix: Fixed crash when restarting after de-licensing / re-licensing

The 1.1.02 patch:

  • Bugfix: Crosshatch broke for DSPs because of some changes for galvo systems
  • Added support for '@font-face' member in SVG style block (fixes some files importing all black)
  • Bugfix: In rare cases, it was possible for a line to 'arch' when snapping to the start point of a shape
  • Bugfix: Fixed possible crash when ordering by group and using virtual arrays
  • Added support for gray colors in AI files
  • Bugfix: backup path of an empty text object would confuse the project file loader and crash
  • Bugfix: Changing 'corner radius' on two or more rectangles of different sizes would reset the rect dimensions to 0
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash bug resolving a non-dictionary 'PieceInfo' tag in PDF files
  • Bugfix: 'Locked' state wasn't loading properly on locked shapes
  • Added setting to save/restore the state of Move/Rotate/Scale/Shear toggles on main window
  • Measure tool can now switch between mm/in display

Small additions:

  • Added setting to save/restore the state of Move/Rotate/Scale/Shear toggles on main window
  • Measure tool can now switch between mm/in display

The 1.1.03 patch:

  • Bugfix: Crash in measure tool after dragging a line measurement
  • Bugfix: Simulation / preview wasn't respecting 'Fast Whitespace' setting
  • Bugfix: shortcuts broken by new German translation
  • Added support for width adjustment in DXF MTEXT import
  • Bugfix: thread termination in LightBurn Bridge Scanner could crash on rare occasions
  • Bugfix: flood fill with cross-hatch was broken by changes for galvo version
  • Bugfix: flood filled shapes inside others, when "Order by Layer" was off, would fill incorrectly

 The 1.1.04 patch:

  • Bugfix: Pasting a tab character into text could cause a crash
  • Improved parsing of SVG text alignment and font name in text-spans
  • Slight performance improvement to pen tool when first starting a line
  • Bugfix: scanning for end of image in AI inline images could take a long time
  • Bugfix: using Fill+Line and Flood Fill broke inside/outside shape sorting on those shapes for the Line pass
  • Bugfix: was crashing when removing virtual array by setting to 1x1
  • Ctrl and Ctrl+Shift reduce rotation hotkeys (, and .) to 10 and 5 degree increments
  • Bugfix: improper virtual array handling when offsetting all shapes in array
  • Bugfix: LZW decoder crash in some PDF imports
  • Improved parsing of SVG text style properties
  • Bugfix: Fixed reading text backup path in lbrn files
  • Bugfix: fixed a crash in boolean helper caused when trying to 'diff' two non-overlapping shapes
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