LightBurn 1.0.03 released - minor update with a few changes and fixes

This release is primarily to update the search function for the LightBurn Bridge device, address a few small issues, and adds a couple small features.

LightBurn Bridge: You can now manually edit the IP address of a laser in Edit > Device Settings, and there is a 'Scan' button there to redo the search for LightBurn Bridge devices.

Snap improvement: Holding the Alt key now increases the snapping distance by 3 times.  If you are trying to drag-snap one shape to another, holding Alt makes this much simpler.  Holding Alt before you click-select a shape also makes snapping much easier.

Shortcut keys have been added to the tool-tips for most functions on the left toolbar.  For example, if you hover over the 'Edit Nodes' button, you'll see this:

The Grid Array tool now has a Shift by Half button, making it much easier to create staggered grid layouts:


The complete list of changes is below:

  • [Oz] Added 'Shift by Half' toggles to Grid Array
  • [Oz] UI Improvements for LightBurn Bridge scan, device settings for IP address
  • [JS] Added shortcut tool-tips for most UI tools (especially Node Edit)
  • [Oz] Updated Ruida output for 658XG controller
  • [Oz] Fixed PDF fax compression parser (mostly used in plane plans)
  • [AH] BugFix: Tool layers can no longer be corrupted
  • [AH] Bugfix: render grouped shapes in virtual array when source is offscreen
  • [Oz] Bugfix: Fixed a couple of edge cases in float precision when importing SVG arcs
  • [Oz] Bugfix: Fixed a small precision issue when auto-joining imported DXFs (and other files)
  • [Oz] Bugfix: TL-A1 and some Trocen devices weren't automatically found / connected with Find my Laser
  • [Oz] If user has never saved before, use Documents folder instead of current system folder as default
  • [Oz] Holding Alt key now widens snapping distance, making it easier to snap-lock objects together
  • [AH] Shape selection in tabs tool now works just like regular selection, based on direction
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