LightBurn 1.0.02 patch release - Mostly for MacOS users, a few small fixes

It appears that the serial driver on MacOS used to talk to the chip in Ruida devices is broken - there's a feature called 'flow control' that allows the Ruida to ask the PC to slow down if it's sending too fast, and on Mac (and Mac only) enabling this feature is rejected by the OS.

This release of LightBurn has built-in data rate throttling to keep it under the maximum rate supported by the Ruida. This fixes the communication issue for nearly every Mac user we've gotten early feedback from.

We're also working on another option - it's still being tested, but should be available soon, and will allow you to use WIFI to talk to a Ruida controller without any communication dropouts:

Download from our Download / Trial page or use the Check for Updates feature in LightBurn.

The full list of changes for this patch is here:

  • Added data rate limiting to bypass MacOS/BigSur/FTDI flow control bug
  • Added languages back in for Mac version (files were moved to get app to CodeSign properly)
  • Added LightBurn Bridge connection mode for Ruida controllers
  • Tweaked UI of Boolean Assistant to show last op state more clearly
  • Auto-pan improvement - no longer have to continually move mouse
  • Shortcuts for rotate CW/CCW now show in menu
  • Bugfix: Fix for large tabs that are close together not always rendering
  • Bugfix: delayed numeric entry boxes in Adjust Image didn't always update correctly
  • Bugfix: fixed a preview crash when an image did not load / wasn't found
  • Bugfix: If no device was connected, you would erroneously get "still streaming" warning when closing
  • Bugfix: Could crash in rotary setup or machine settings if no device connected
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