LightBurn 1.0.01 patch release

Even with as much testing as we do, it's not possible for us to replicate every configuration of computers & lasers supported by LightBurn, so a few glitches are inevitable.

Please - if this happens, shoot us an email before you complain on Facebook, so we know there's a problem and can collect the info we need to fix it quickly. There are dozens of groups on Facebook, and many are private. It's not possible for our small team to be everywhere. If you have an issue, email or post on our forum and we'll work to fix it.

If no one tells us directly, sometimes it takes days to gather the info we need, and that doesn't help anyone.

Fixes in this release:

  • Bugfix: Serial port closed too early, cutting off some commands on Ruida devices (mostly affected MacOS, some slower Windows machines)
  • Bugfix: properly output selected items on virtual arrays when using "Cut Selected"
  • Bugfix: render virtual arrays correctly when machine origin changes.
  • Bugfix: horizontal / vertical flip works correctly for virtual arrays
  • Bugfix: fix scaling issue for Print and Cut Wizard dialog boxes
  • Bugfix: ensure grid array dialog is in correct mode
  • Bugfix: laser on/off commands weren't being correctly emitted for GRBL-M3 because of Pen Mode changes

Other minor changes:

  • Disallow grouping shapes not in the same virtual array
  • Added 'Reset' button to Boolean Assistant
  • Delete virtual array from project when last shape deleted
  • Better automatic port connection, filtering of ineligible ports
  • Cut Shapes now only selects the outer shapes when done
  • Improved UI disables for Default speed / power toggles
  • Added pop-up troubleshooter for Lead in/out enabled but with zero length
  • G0 Whitespace now defaults to off for GRBL-M3


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