LightBurn 0.9.24 released - Comms issues for MacOS / Ruida resolved, as few other small fixes

The last couple of releases have been clean up fixes for a number of issues with the 0.9.21 release.  The last significant issue is a communication problem between serial/USB devices and the new 'temporary connection' mode used for DSPs. This primarily affected Ruida and TopWisdom controllers, and was significantly worse on MacOS.

This release includes a number of improvements to that system. We've sent this to any user we know has been affected, and with only one or two exceptions, the issue has been resolved.

If you are using a Ruida controller connected with a USB cable and still have intermittent problems with connectivity, please contact us directly through so that we can gather some info about your setup.

If you do need to revert, the last version before the communication system changes is 0.9.20, and can be found in our release archive here.

The full list of changes is below:

  • MacOS DSP connection / comms stability issues resolved
  • Persist the COM port choice even if the device supports automatic port selection
  • Bugfix: 'overrides' panel no longer displays when using Move / Frame buttons on GRBL devices
  • Better handling of viewport switch in Align Camera wizard (compatible with more cameras)
  • Bugfix: New merged image scanner wasn't getting scanning offset adjustments
  • Bugfix: Gamma setting in Adjust Image wasn't properly set if above 1.0
  • Bugfix: Enhance Radius was off by 1 when opening Adjust Image window
  • Bugfix: Fire / Frame now works with Smoothieware
  • Remember last used serial port for faster reconnect
  • Better handling of multi-page PDF vs single-page / multi-layer AI files
  • Proper jog / frame handling on RDC5121 with problem firmware versions
  • DTR enable flag is now tested / set automatically when using 'Find my laser' with GRBL devices
  • Bugfix: QR Codes were ignoring global variable text offset ('Current index')
  • Bugfix: Fix saving to legacy lbrn format on Linux


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