LightBurn 0.9.22 released - a critical bugfix, and a few small tweaks

This release addresses a bug that has affected relatively few people - 6 so far that we know of, but we wanted to get this out before it affects anyone else, because it can cause lost work.

Specifically, if you used "Convert to Bitmap", there was an internal error in the way that was done that skipped the image sharing system, meaning that your image would not be saved, and then when loading, the image was empty, and that would crash.

Both of these issues are now fixed - loading a file with an empty image will not crash so you can repair your file, and the 'Convert to Bitmap' function now properly integrates with the image sharing system.

Those were the two critical changes.  In over a month of testing, neither of these were encountered, so we're going to be expanding our beta testing group, and putting some new protocols in place to ensure better coverage testing of new code.

In addition, we've made the standard LBRN file format bypass all the sharing logic, which will allow users to save their files in a format that is compatible with older versions of LightBurn, in case you need to share a file with another machine or person using an older version.  LBRN2 still uses the image and shape sharing logic.

The complete list of changes for this version follows:

  • Safety checks for missing bitmaps to prevent crashing
  • Copy / Paste of text on path could crash if you didn't copy the path too
  • Ensure image data is written even if cache sharing fails
  • Immediately cache vectors converted to bitmap
  • Do not cache images in older LBRN format
  • Area calc for measure tool was doubled


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