LightBurn 0.9.20 - Mostly fixes for small issues, a few new tricks

Note: If you have already downloaded this release and see a notice that "an update is available for your version (0.9.20)", this is because we've patched it to fix two issues with the release.  One was an issue with Shape Properties for images, and the other was an image distortion bug in the camera system. Our apologies for the mess.

This release is primarily to address some small issues, but does add a couple new things as well.

You can now Pan / Drag while using the grid array tool, making it easier to fine tune your placement.

A number of other tools will be getting this treatment soon, including Circular Array and Copy Along Path.

We've added support for the new compression method used in Illustrator 2020 and newer, so AI files saved with 'Use Compression' will read the true AI content of the files instead of falling back to the PDF preview content.

We've added a retry mechanism for GCode position queries to get around a bug in Ortur laser firmware. This eliminates the hang / busy that required power cycling the laser.

Using the cursor arrows to cycle through the font list has been fixed. Quite a few small bugs have been fixed, and a few other improvements made.

The complete list of changes follows:

  • Allow pan/drag while in Grid Array tool
  • Added support for ZStd compression (can now read AI content from AI 2020 files)
  • Added a small icon to the material library to show the type (Cut, Fill, Image)
  • Auto-save a named material library after any change, not just on shutdown
  • Added support for multiple <svg> tags in an svg file
  • Offset fill computation speedup (now about 3x faster)
  • SnapMaker header / frame bounds added
  • Turn off 'Fire' button (if on) when Home is clicked
  • Added TopWisdom TL-A1 to the 'Find my Laser' wizard
  • Only apply gcode clustering to images (improves performance of Smoothie pause delay)
  • Added a retry mechanism for GRBL query to get around Ortur firmware bug
  • Added troubleshooting helpers for 'ALARM:2' and 'Connection lost'
  • Modified equation boxes to always show decimal point as fraction delimiter
  • Changing offset distance value now updates offset instantly
  • Startup / 'Hello' message tweak for GRBL devices
  • Added F1 help for Optimization Settings window
  • Added a 1-bit BMP reader for broken GIMP output that claims the image is compressed when it isn't
  • Bugfix: Tab selection for small shapes with many small tabs
  • Bugfix: Tab placement for scaled shapes now correctly updated
  • Bugfix: 'Reduce Direction Changes' optimization setting could override a forced shape direction
  • Bugfix: Hitting 'Esc' in Optimize Shapes didn't revert changes
  • Bugfix: If a DXF ellipse specified StartAngle=0, EndAngle=2xPI, close the shape
  • Bugfix: Saving inverted preview didn't work if 'Shade According to Power' was off
  • Bugfix: Fixed double-click launching into a running LightBurn when the filename contains non-ASCII characters
  • Bugfix: Only allow 'Create rubber-band outline' if something is selected
  • Bugfix: Improve font selection, scrolling, and adding to Most Recent Fonts
  • Bugfix: correctly show user origin position when loaded from a project file
  • Bugfix: Offset fill would sometimes fill inner nested shapes
  • Bugfix: image mask flatten when using gamma/contrast/brightness
  • Bugfix: Ruida 'Enable Home' flag in machine settings was incorrect
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