LightBurn 0.9.19 patch release - A couple bug fixes, mostly small cleanup

The first changes in this release are with tool layers.  When we removed them from the Cut Settings Edit window, the 'gap' it left in the list confused the code that updated an edited setting if it appeared after a tool layer.  This is fixed.

We also made it so you can't assign a Material Library entry to a tool layer, or record a Material Library entry from a tool layer.

Exported SVG files now properly combine all filled shapes into a composite path (so you can export from LightBurn for use in Whisperer, InkScape, etc again).

The 'Auto-home on startup' toggle in the Device Settings has been hooked up correctly now.

We've made a change to the GRBL driver code to work around a bug in Ortur firmware that was causing LightBurn to lock up when the laser failed to respond to a query. (LightBurn would go 'busy' and stay there)

The rest of the changes are minor, mostly small cleanups or minor additions, listed below:

  • Enable new jog for Gerbil devices (continuous & $J based jogging)
  • Added support for palettized images in PDF files
  • Automatically reset GRBL devices when [MSG: reset to continue] is seen (helps Ortur usage)
  • Updated Win64 installer to respect /SILENT mode on library sub-installers
  • Add import/export for scanning offsets
  • Improved inner/outer sorting of cuts when NOT using 'Order by Layer' and using 'Fill all shapes'
  • License entry box now checks for weird characters
  • Bugfix: Some PDF images do not use row padding and imported incorrectly
  • Bugfix: PDF image decode params can be explicitly null (caused a crash)
  • Bugfix: fixed parsing issue with PDF dictionaries when a number was followed by an object reference
  • Bugfix: tabs, perforation, and dot mode now correctly enable/disable as the others are selected
  • Bugfix: fix tab generation when overlapping start/end of shape
  • Bugfix: fix tab selection and placement when tab size is very large
  • Bugfix: Sometimes Min Power was hidden for GCode devices in image / grayscale mode
  • Bugfix: 'Cut Shapes' tool would sometimes fail to cut along curves
  • Bugfix: drag-select of multiple text nodes didn't activate 'multi-edit'
  • Bugfix: select from from Favorites or Recent first if exists
  • Bugfix: select system font in font dropdown if requested font does not exist


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