LightBurn 0.9.16 released - Tabs improvements, auto-syncing art libraries, and a few other small things

Tabs improvement: Skip inner shapes

We had this nearly done for 0.9.15, but it hadn't gone through enough testing when 0.9.15 was released, so we held onto it for a bit. When adding tabs, you often don't need tabs on the inner shapes, like holes in letters, and only care about outer shapes not falling, so this is now an option for automatic part tabbing:

As you can see in the image above, tabs are added to any outside shape, and omitted from the inner ones (if the option is set).

A small number of people reported a crash with the new tabs system, and it was found that duplicate nodes in a shape could confuse the code that determines the tab placement.  This has been fixed.

Windows path memory fixed

LightBurn internally remembers where you last saved or loaded a project, imported or exported artwork, and remembers a couple of other paths as well. This broke when we added a new "crash proof" file browser because Windows differs from other systems - it wants \'s instead of /'s.  This is fixed, so different types of files will now browse from the appropriate remembered location.

Art Library corruption with multiple instances of LightBurn

A Facebook user mentioned that when running multiple copies of LightBurn, saving new content to the Art Library from each instance could corrupt the library.  We know everyone is busy, and I realize this sounds crazy, but we would prefer that people actually report bugs directly to us so we can fix them instead of only complaining to other Facebook users. That said, it seems like the kind of thing that could bite others, so this release will auto-check for library changes and re-sync every time the app is activated.  Flipping between two (or more) copies of LightBurn will now synchronize the art libraries between them.

A few other minor things were changed or fixed as well.  The complete list is below:

  • Allow skipping inner shapes for automatic tabs
  • Fixed a couple rare crashes with tabs on malformed artwork
  • Fixed broken 'path memory' on Windows 64 bit version
  • Art library now checks for changes whenever the app is activated, allowing multiple instances to share libraries without conflict
  • Ignore invalid data in SVG paths to prevent crashing on malformed files
  • Warn & quit focus test if Z is not enabled
  • Auto-select first layer when loading a new file, just so the 'Cut info' below the cut list is valid
  • Added 'Upper Case' flag to text shapes
  • Allow copy/paste from Illustrator (auto-detect SVG clipboard content in text)
  • Bugfix: Stop button on TopWisdom could crash
  • Bugfix: GCode start code not emitted for Marlin devices
  • Bugfix: radio buttons for air/power on Marlin were in the same 'click group'


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