LightBurn 0.9.14 - Cleanup for a few issues

0.9.12 was a big release, and a few things that changed caused problems for some users with hardware that we don't have.  Their feedback has been used to fix these issues, and that's primarily what this release is for.  The changes are:

The big two:

  • Fixed: Code to prevent running a frame when already framing on Ruida has been fixed - the status flag used wasn't correct on some controllers
  • Fixed: some people experienced poor performance with large 'Fill' jobs

Smaller issues:

  • Jog arrows in the Move window now resize with Tool Button size
  • Fixed: Ruida Z speed is set properly again when using Z moves
  • Fixed: Labels for mm/in weren't changed properly when switching units
  • Fixed: Using Overcut with 'Remove Overlapping Lines' could cause stray lines in a cut
  • Fixed: Copy/Paste from InkScape into LightBurn could paste garbage text over vectors
  • Fixed: Focus test no longer forces position to the center of the workspace
  • Fixed: Gcode systems with 'Fire' enabled didn't Start reliably
  • Fixed: SVG files using 'pixels' as units were sized incorrectly

I apologize to those affected by the problems here. We're looking for a few more people to add to our test group to cover a wider range of hardware and systems.

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