LightBurn 0.9.09 - A quick fix release for a weird text issue

A bug was submitted shortly after release that turned out to be an interaction between a fix for grouped text on path and the new snapping tools.  It caused a number of odd behaviors, including inability to select text objects, and incorrect selection bounds.

It's not destructive - it won't hurt your files - but it's incredibly annoying, so it's fixed with this quick patch update. 


We've made another patch to address a few remaining issues:

  • Scale handles for vertical or horizontal lines are fixed
  • A missing VCRuntime installer was added to the 32 bit version
  • Show Last Position was not working consistently on some GCode devices with the recent jogging changes - this is fixed
  • The enable flags for 'water protect' were discovered to be reversed (Laser1 & Laser2) - would not affect you if you've never changed them in LightBurn
  • Added a setting to override the default network timeout period for Ruida and Trocen devices
  • Center snap has been added for arbitrary path shapes


As always, you can use the Check for Updates feature, or download from our Download Page.

Thank you for supporting LightBurn.