LightBurn 0.9.07 released - A couple bugs squashed, a few minor additions

This isn't a large release, but there were two crashes fixed that were significant enough to warrant doing it.

  1. New users on Mac systems often experienced a crash with the automatic device finder. With the help of a couple users, we were able to trace this to the system getting confused by bluetooth devices being mistaken for serial ports.  This is fixed.
  2. An issue introduced recently could cause duplicate, or copy/paste to mis-count the number of shapes using a given layer, which could ultimately cause a crash when previewing or sending to the laser. This is also fixed.

In addition to those, we've added:

  • If you copy shapes in InkScape, you can paste into LightBurn
  • Auto-select the layer when you assign a new layer color to a selection
  • Camera alignment wizard now prompts you with the marker index to click, can detect some cases where they're selected out of order
  • TopWisdom controller framing functions now work (still in test)

The following other fixes or changes are included:

  • Fixed preview cut distance display in inch mode
  • If using Fill Groups Together with text, pretend it's grouped, even if it isn't
  • Fixed material library thickness entry in Inch mode
  • Don't pause GCode systems if not busy
  • GRBL settings now sent one line at a time (improves compatibility with older versions)
  • Make same width / height now works from object center
  • Fixed a crash when a multi-line variable text entry doesn't resolve correctly
  • Added support for PNG predictor tags in embedded PDF images (fixes skewed/angled images)
  • Fixed an issue where the preview would fail if Fast Whitespace was enabled, but set to zero
  • Fixed a crash when assigning default cached cut setting to an image layer
  • Fixed a bug in A axis machine settings for GRBL


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