LightBurn 0.9.03 - Curved text, ramp mode, international text entry, and more.

Curved text:

The feature so many have been asking for is ready. You can attach a piece of text to any type of path or shape in LightBurn, and the text will follow the path. We've created a video to walk you through it, available on our YouTube channel and our Tutorials page.

Ramp Mode:

Another popular request, ramp mode is now supported - Simply enter a ramp length in the cut settings of a filled path, and LightBurn will produce sloped edges. You can see the results in the preview window if you enable "Shade according to power".

Other notable additions:

  • Support for international keyboards and accented character entry
  • Machine settings for Trocen AWC controllers
  • Windows versions are now digitally signed
  • Corner radius now preserved when drag-sizing rectangles, when possible
  • Added "overcut" to Line mode - cuts past the end of a closed shape
  • Start point is preserved when using kerf offset
  • Added "move laser to" controls - automatically jog the laser to the center, corner, or side of a selected object

Many more additions, improvements, and bug fixes have been made - the full list of changes appears below. As always, download the latest version from our Download page, or use the in-app "Check for Updates" item in the Help menu.

Thank you for supporting LightBurn!

New editor features:

  • Apply path to text
  • Rect, Ellipse, Polygon are now auto-selected after creation
  • Altered scaling code to push changes back into rectangles, ellipses, polygons, and text, if possible
  • Digitally signed windows versions
  • Added ramp mode for stamps
  • Now supporting multi-language text entry (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other extended character sets)
  • Added Overcut distance to cut settings
  • Allow larger Z-offset values (+/- 100mm)
  • Deleting all text in a string (or just making it all spaces) deletes the text object
  • Added move selection to top / bottom / left / right
  • Pressing Escape in selection mode will clear the selection
  • Added menu items for Move Laser to Selection (corners / center / sides)
  • Fixed an issue with manual ordering of nested scanned shapes in groups
  • Added "Move Laser to Selection" menu items
  • Added right-click to cut list header to show/hide all, enable/disable all
DSP devices:
  • Added AWC machine settings
  • Added "Enable air assist" and "Enable water protect" Ruida vendor settings
  • Added "Get Controller Info" to retrieve job time, laser on time, etc from Ruida
  • Added 2nd tube offset param / support for Ruida
  • Cut settings editor will auto-select 2nd tube if it's the only one enabled
  • Added scramble key for Kaitian Ruida device
  • Fixed a bug where Ruida could run a cut from the current point instead of jogging to the start point
  • Added FTDI/Serial support for older AWC 608 devices
  • Added main-panel support for 2nd laser tube settings
  • Disabled Flood Fill for DSPs until I can fix the path generation for them
GCode devices:
  • Added support for "Set finish position" on Emblaser devices
  • Support for Smoothieware gcode clustering (faster rasters with supported firmware)
  • Fixed a bug where using cut-through on GCode would incorrectly set the feed rate
  • Fixed feed rate calc error for rotary output in "Current Position" and "User Origin" modes
Import/Export improvements:
  • Fixed importing DXF reference of text object crashing
  • Fixed a bug that could cause imported AI files to assign incorrect colors to disconnected segments
  • Fixed an AI file import crash when using very old AI files containing font references
  • Fixed a PDF import crash when encountering uncompressed image data streams
  • Better identifying of EPS - AI files that aren't supported
  • Fixed a PDF crash when importing a file that references images in appended stream objects
  • Fixed importing of DXF polyline objects with extrusion (flipped objects)
  • Now properly handling scaled DXF insert references
  • Fixed more "empty objects" being left behind when importing DXFs
  • DXF imported text now defaults to Arial if no font specified
  • Handling DXF text styles
  • Fixed a DXF issue importing 2-vertex closed shapes with bulge
Other changes:
  • Fixed translation of Position / Width / Height controls on main toolbar
  • Fixed DXFs exporting mirrored on systems with origin other than front-left
  • Fixed rotate 90 CW/CCW buttons swapped
  • Fixed "reset to default layout" function
  • Fixed a bug where shape properties weren't updating if changed in Undo
  • Now remembers settings for aspect lock and anchor position (9 dot on toolbar)
  • Start point is preserved when applying kerf offset
  • Fixed a bug where duplicating a material then changing the material name would cause it not to be saved
  • Fixed a bunch of UI spacing issues on Mac
  • Fixed a bug in "Delete Duplicate Shapes" that would miss some line duplicates
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