LightBurn 0.8.07 - Equations, color camera view, grayscale & PPI for AWC, and more

LightBurn 0.8.07 - Equations, color camera view, grayscale & PPI for AWC, and more


This one is a pet project of mine: LightBurn's X & Y position, width, height, scale, and interval entry boxes now support expressions and units. What does this mean for you?

If you type 1/2in, and you're in mm mode, it'll turn into 12.7.  If you're in inch mode and type 1/2in, it'll become 0.5.  You can use ft, cm, in, or mm, along with normal math symbols and parenthesis (*/-+).  You can combine them, so entering (1/2in + 3mm) * 2.5 + 1ft is valid.  You can type 1/300in in the interval box to have it convert "300 lines per inch" into an interval for you. This should make working in mixed units easier.

Over the next release or two I'll be replacing other number boxes with the new equation entry box, but it'll take a bit of time.

Cut planner fixes:

The new cut planner had a couple bugs that are now fixed, mostly to do with scans or images being grouped properly, and I've added the option to remove overlapping lines as part of cut planning, which preserves inner/outer shape sorting.

Scanning fixes:

A few users posted issues with image scans not lining up with vector art, so that whole pipeline has been improved. There was an issue in the math for images in AI files that caused misalignment for very small images, and a bug found in the precision tracking code for GCode scans when running in inch mode. Both are fixed.

Prefs backup:

It was possible for prefs to get corrupted in very specific cases if LightBurn crashed when saving or shutting down. A new system has been put into place where your new prefs are saved to a temp file, then swapped with the old ones so you have a backup if anything goes wrong.

The complete list of changes appears below. Download the new version from the Trial Page, and as always, thank you for supporting LightBurn!

- [Oz] Units and equations support in position, size, and scale boxes
- [Oz] Fixed a couple bugs with new cut planner, ordering by group, with scans and images
- [Oz] Fixed an issue where a single object in a layer could be ordered wrong in the new planner
- [Oz] Better prefs handling - auto backup, corruption prevention
- [Oz] Delete overlaps, as part of cut planning
- [Oz] Added "Paste in place" (Alt-V) command
- [Oz] Changed "Hide" to be "Show" so the presense of a check box means the layer is shown
- [Oz] Grid snap distance setting now shown in proper units
- [Oz] Cut planner will slightly prefer X moves to Y moves
- [Oz] Updated Russian language
- [Oz] Camera view can now be in color (option in the settings)
- [Oz] Radial array Start value was incorrectly using Radians instead of Degrees
- [Oz] Now remembers grid array gap settings and reverse direction settings
- [Oz] Perforation mode now makes sure at least one perforation will fit (useful for people using long 'Cut' values with short 'Skips' for bridges / tabs)
- [Oz] Project Open from the Corel macro now doesn't change the "last loaded" path
- [SP] Added "Break Apart" function
- [SP] Added "Move H-together" / "V-together" functions (like distribute, but keeps shapes together)
- [Oz] Object origin point now affects numeric-entry rotation
- [Oz] Fixed start point handling of open curves / last point

Import / Export formats:
- [Oz] Fixed - SVG output missing parts required for SVGNest
- [Oz] Added support for "custom color space" colors in AI files
- [Oz] Added colors to AI exporter
- [Oz] Fixed alignment issue with images embedded in AI files
- [Oz] Fixed an issue reading custom color profile RGB colors from PDF files
- [Oz] Composite path shapes in AI files are now imported as groups
- [Oz] Improved text handling from DXF files (bold, italics, better escape sequence handling)
- [Oz] Improved DPI handling for JPG images via EXIF parsing

- [Oz] Fixed a Ruida issue where the laser could fire while moving to the user origin
- [Oz] Flipped Z button directions for Ruida
- [Oz] "success / fail" message for Rotary Enable button on main screen
- [Oz] Grayscale and Power Scale now working properly for AWC controllers
- [Oz] Enabled PPI mode for AWC controllers
- [Oz] Added Ruida min / max power per tube to machine settings
- [Oz] Added engraving mode, tube type, tube enables to Ruida machine settings
- [Oz] Added RDLC-420B scramble key / support
- [Oz] Added some file transfer stats for Ruida

- [Oz] Fix inch-mode scan precision tracking for GCode controllers
- [Oz] Fixed Marlin leaving laser on between scanned shapes


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