LightBurn 0.8.06 - a small update to the big update

The developers of LightBurn will be taking a much needed break during the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., but we wanted to get a few last minute changes in before we do.

  • Fixed a crash that could happen on shutdown when using 'Select Layer Shapes' feature
  • Fixed inch mode intervals to be in inches, and only in mm for mixed mode
  • Added support for 1-bit images embedded in AI files
  • Fixed a bug where 'Dot Mode' could affect scans on Ruida systems
  • Directional ordering on some machines was mirrored, based on origin
  • Fixed a bug where user selected start point on curves would start at the next curve / line
  • Increased overscan limits, and now showing how much overshoot you get at a given speed / % value
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