LightBurn 0.8.05 - New cut planner, lots of new extras and fixes

LightBurn 0.8.05 - New cut planner, lots of new extras and fixes

The biggest news in this release is the new cut planner.  It gives you a great deal of control over the ordering of your cuts - you can let LightBurn try to choose the best path for you, order it piece by piece yourself, or somewhere in between.  The new options are powerful, and we'll have a video coming soon to demonstrate them.  If you have "Order by Layer" as the only entry in the list at the top (the default), it will behave the way you're used to.

 Cut Planner

We've added the ability to offset lines and open curves:

We've added Bold and Italics font options, re-arranged the main toolbar to be more compact but more intuitive, and we've moved the Job Origin and Rotary Enable to main laser window:

Laser Window

We've added a Machine Settings editor for GRBL and GRBL-LPC users, and fixed a few dozen bugs as well.

As always, download from our download page or use the in-app Check for Updates feature in the Help menu.

Thanks for supporting LightBurn!


 A complete list of the changes in this version follows:

  • [Oz] New cut planner / optimizer
  • [Oz] Added support for offsetting open shapes
  • [Oz] When resizing from corners, locked aspect is now the default, holding Shift unlocks
  • [Oz] Fixed image scanner to handle angled scans and arbitrary skew/scale/rotation
  • [Oz] Double click text now auto-chooses text edit mode, places the cursor
  • [Oz] Added bold & italics to font options, rearranged layout
  • [Oz] Added job origin to main panel
  • [Oz] Added rotary enable to main panel
  • [Oz] Start position / direction respected by new cut planner
  • [SP] Added Align Centers function
  • [Oz] Added "Reset to default" button in cut settings
  • [Oz] Fixed capture flipping upside down on some machines during alignment
  • [Oz] Fixed the camera projection math to try to maximize the usable workspace area
  • [Oz] Roller rotary object diameter properly saved / restored
  • [SP] Added "push to back" / "push to front" (Ctrl PgUp / PgDn)
  • [Oz] Added "Machine Settings" for GRBL
  • [Os] Increased AWC file transfer timeout period
  • [Oz] User cancelling AWC transfer shouldn't show an error message
  • [Oz] Added "Return Position" machine setting to Ruida
  • [Oz] Fixed default Ruida filename assignment for untitled files
  • [Oz] Partial Ruida 658XG machine support
  • [Oz] Fixed orientation of imported PLT / HPGL files
  • [Oz] Applying kerf to thin shapes would end up skipping some pieces
  • [Oz] Added Polygon tool to the tools menu
  • [Oz] Switching back to the app with something on the clipboard now enables 'Paste' button
  • [Oz] Added support for multi-page PDF files (currently only loads page 0)
  • [Oz] Fixed a crash when using dot/perforation mode with a zero length
  • [Oz] Fixed color mapping code to not always "use closest" - if too far, just pick an unused color
  • [Oz] Fixed a couple potential crashes in PDF importing
  • [Oz] Ctrl-A now works to select all text in edit boxes
  • [Oz] Tab / Shift-tab to cycle selected object (when edit window is focused)
  • [Oz] Offset Both with "Select Results" now selects both the inner and outer result shape
  • [Oz] Modified vector engraving to be consistent with image engraving - improves quality of M3 mode
  • [Oz] Shape properties now display properly in Inch mode
  • [Oz] Increased allowed max machine bed size to 5000mm square
  • [Oz] Selected object count is displayed in status bar
  • [Oz] Fixed missing selection marquee around bitmaps in filled rendering mode
  • [Oz] Fixed a crash when importing custom PDF color spaces
  • [Oz] Fixed a 'stray line' artifact when closing AI/PDF multi-shapes
  • [Oz] Flipped 'interval' setting to be always in mm, added "lines per inch" value to scan mode
  • [Oz] "Show layer" flashing for filled rendering
  • [Oz] Added a download link to the "Circles Pattern" file in the lens calibration wizard
  • [Oz] Added support for proxy server in the license dialog
  • [Oz] Added "Air Assist" option to camera alignment wizard
  • [Oz] Fixed a crash when parsing AI files using 'DXF color' mode
  • [Oz] Fixed a bug in detection of all outputs disabled with grouped objects
  • [Oz] "Show Laser Position" marker no longer hidden behind images
  • [Oz] AWC / Ruida - Choose most common scramble key when no machine connected
  • [Oz] Added a flag to bypass the use of system file dialogs (bypass crashing 3rd party thumbnail tools)


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