LightBurn 0.8.04 - AWC support, mixed Inch/mm mode, AI importer fixes, and much more

This is a fairly large release, with many changes, so we've split them into groups based on who's affected.

The biggest news is that we now support Trocen Anywells controllers, including the AWC 708c lite, AWC 608, and the LightObject LO-X7 DSP. It is Ethernet only for the time being, and there are still a few gaps in the functionality, but we wanted to open it up to a wider audience for testing.

General changes and fixes:

  • Downloadable PDF documentation link in the Help menu
  • Scanning offsets have been disabled in the preview
  • Huge auto-joins have a progress bar, and can now be cancelled
  • Yes / No message boxes now accept Y/N keys
  • Select Layer Shapes sometimes selected the wrong stuff (fixed)
  • Frame (in the laser window) now has a hotkey (Alt-R)
  • Right-clicking the Devices button now resets the connection
  • We've rearranged the font and shape size controls to save some space
  • Double-clicking a LightBurn file with spaces in the name now loads properly
  • Right-click "Get Positions" button to put the current position into the "Move to" boxes
  • Added setting for grid contrast (low, med, high)
  • Added 'laser pointer offset' value - used to offset jobs by a fixed amount for users with a red-dot pointer off to one side of the laser
  • Camera image is now cropped to the workspace size (will need to re-run alignment wizard, but not lens calibration)
  • Filled rendering setting is now saved properly
  • Fixed a bug where changing the language would reset the device list

Importer fixes:

  • Fixed embedded images importing upside down in AI files
  • Now removing disabled layers, templates, and guides from AI files
  • Groups are imported from AI files
  • SVG arcs now import properly
  • Improved handling of AI colors in modern AI format versions
  • Improved HPGL / PLT file support
  • SVG export now auto-converts text to paths
  • Fixed a number of crashes in AI and PDF importing

GCode controller improvements:

  • Added a check to make sure the job is "within bounds" before sending to the controller. Should prevent a lot of lost work.
  • Added a "Go to User Origin" button
  • Fixed "pause" bug in rotary gcode generation
  • Improved gcode output for Grbl-M3 and Marlin devices
  • Fixed Inch mode display for GCode systems

DSP controller improvements:

  • First pass of AWC support is enabled. There are still a few holes, and please note that this is Ethernet only for now.
  • Improved Ruida error messages for transfer errors
    • Tells you if the controller is busy or paused
    • No longer shows an error if you cancel a transfer
    • "Overwrite?" dialog now defaults to yes
  • Added support for LightObject LO-X7 DSP (AWC re-brand)
  • Added device config for Boss Laser systems

As always, use the in-app Check for Updates, or grab it from our downloads page.

Thanks for supporting LightBurn!

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