LightBurn 0.8.03 - A little needed cleanup

Our last release was quite large, and a few changes slipped in at the last minute that should've been tested more.  This release is a small patch to address those problems. Specifically:

  • Fixed a crash in the new Scan by Groups option
  • Fixed a scale bug when saving / copying N-sided regular polygons
  • Fixed an issue with Scan+Cut when using "Scan shapes individually" or "Scan by groups" where holes weren't properly detected

For good measure, we also fixed these, which have been around a while longer:

  • Fixed relative-mode GCode generation for rotary
  • Fixed a bug where foreign language settings were causing all cuts to use "Current position"

As always, use the in-app Check for Updates, or grab it from our downloads page.

Thanks for supporting LightBurn!


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