LightBurn 0.8.02 - Support for embedded images, filled rendering, Linux dependencies fixed, and much more

LightBurn 0.8.02 - Support for embedded images, filled rendering, Linux dependencies fixed, and much more

There's a lot of new stuff here, so I'll try to keep this brief:


  • Embedded images in Illustrator files are now supported
  • Added filled rendering in the edit window, with quick options in the Window menu
  • Added "Scan by Groups" option for scanning
  • Camera alignment now includes Scale option for larger bed systems
  • Camera will now capture much more bed area
  • Added an N-sided regular polygon tool
  • Holding 'Shift' when framing will now turn laser on with Laser Fire power setting (useful for framing with diode lasers)
  • Computing inner / outer shapes is now at least 2x faster, often more
  • Added "Offset Both" in the offset options
  • Can now edit shape properties for multiple objects at once
  • Disabled Scanning Offsets in preview (much cleaner)
  • Exposed Frequency parameter for Ruida 644x systems
  • Added option to use M03/M05 for Marlin controllers
  • Added option to use G0 for overscan moves on Grbl / Smoothie

Major fixes:

  • Fixed Ruida scanning bug that caused missing lines and image corruption
  • Fixed Linux dependency issues
  • Updated the license libraries, so the "clock tampering" problem should be resolved
  • Fixed a bug in GCode generation for rotary that caused very slow moves
  • Fixed a bug in AI export that caused broken output
  • Image rendering bug when zoomed out / rotated is fixed
  • Flood Fill now works on Ruida controllers

Other changes:

  • Added installer flag to not launch LightBurn automatically during silent installs
  • Fixed installer waiting for LightBurn to finish when "Run LightBurn" is checked
  • Added rotate cursors for shape rotations
  • Fixed user reported bug for M8/M7 on grbl and change the UI to use a pair of radio buttons)
  • Array copy X & Y mirror alternate rows/columns implementation changed to mirror all shapes with respect to the overall bounding rect.
  • Major changes to AI / PDF handling - more complex nested embedding is handled, less sensitive to artboard size
  • Removed G92 command from FabKit smoothie driver
  • Added CutOrder property to shapes (getting ready for user-ordering)
  • Fixed missing images from project files that don't have the bitmap data embedded in them. Also display a dialog if the file can't be found.
  • Fixed shape keyboard move (nudge) bug to support inches
  • Filtering out some MText escape sequences to make DXF text import cleaner
  • Select all on current layer now ungroups only if necessary
  • Auto-weld property of text objects is now copied for grid / copy paste
  • Added "Read" button and status display to Rotary Setup dialog for Ruida controllers
  • Now showing trial identifier for expired trials too
  • Fixed a bug where pressing space to view drag could interrupt dragging a shape
  • Fixed bug that crashed if settings were changed before device was created
  • Added quick settings for Antialiasing & Filled Rendering to Window menu

As always, use the in-app Check for Updates feature, or download from our Download Page

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